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Brand New tickets are serious business. No matter how many times you refresh Ducat King at 12:57 PM EST, they are sold out before they even go on sale. Some of us don't have the luxury of putting everything aside for that 3-5 minutes of sheer terror. That's why brandnewtickets is here - for buying, selling, and trading tickets for the poor souls that need them
Before posting, CHECK THE TAGS! The list of tags can be found on the main journal page and can be searched by city; tour season/year; selling, searching, or trading, and other miscellaneous tags. This is to avoid clutter of too many posts for several people all seeking the same show (e.g.: Irving Plaza, 4/22/07).

Also, READ THE COMMENTS of posts relevant to the tickets your looking for. People often sell/make offers in comments and many times, they go unanswered.
If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or just need to get in touch with the maintainer, she is rather_forget and is easily reachable through any method posted on her profile.
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